St Andrew's

   St Bridget's

     & St Nicholas

Churches of the Benefice

  St Andrew's is seated at the top of the hill in Backwell and is visable across the valley. It has some very old bits (the font) and some quite new bits (a modern extension with an amazing view).  People say of St Andrew's "it is a connection to God from past to present and into future  it has a long history in Backwell. The building was made for worship and prayer."    

Sr Bridget's is found in the valley, tucked away from the A370, on a back road leading to Nailsea. 

People say of St Bridget's   

"What I value about my church

  • the  building and setting in the countryside 
  • St Bridget's congregation and fundraising 
  • the traditional services held

the Peacefulness of St Bridget's ables me to reflect on my beliefs and practice kindness; the peace and tranquillity of St Bridget's and the services given meets my spiritual needs"   

St Nicholas' Church, Brockley is also in the valley. It is in the care of Churches Conservation Trust as a redundant church and supported by the Friends of St Nicholas.

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