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Baptism (also called Christening) is the wonderful moment marking our welcome into God's family - it celebrates the love of God and his people and the joy of new life brought into God's kingdom. We hope the following details help as you consider this service.

Am I or my child allowed to be baptised in St Andrew’s or St Bridget’s?

Yes! Anyone living in the parishes, children or adults are welcome to be baptised in their local parish church. If you live outside the parishes, you will need to have some link with the church – this can be either through attendance or through strong family connections.

When do Baptisms happen?

At St Andrew’s, Baptisms will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month as part of the informal service at 10.45am

At St Bridget’s, Baptisms will take place on the second or third Sunday of the month during the 9.15am service.

What happens next?

Please telephone our Administrator at the Benefice Office 01275 463469 (preferably during office hours Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 9.30am–12.30am) who will then arrange for a member of the Ministry Team to contact you and meet with you to discuss the Baptism and all that’s involved.

Is there a cost for a Baptism?

No! There is no cost for a Baptism – it is God’s gift of his love and presence with us.


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