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Congratulations! We are delighted that you are planning your marriage and hope that we can do everything possible to help you prepare for a wonderful start to your married life through a ceremony at St Andrew’s or St Bridget’s. (St Nicholas Brockley is a closed church, and whilst marriages can be celebrated in this church-, a Licence has to be applied for from the Archbishop’s Office in order to allow this to happen.)

Can we be married in church?

Yes - you can be married in the church of the parish in which either of a couple lives or attends worship regularly or if you have previously lived or worshipped here or have other strong family connections.

What if one or both of us have been previously married?

The Church does now, in most instances, allow us to offer a Marriage Service to couples where there has been a divorce for one or both of you. If this is your situation, please do contact our Administrator before making any other arrangements.

Can we get married on a Friday?

It is possible to be married in church on any day of the week between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm.(Sundays are usually difficult due to the regular pattern of worship in the churches). Please do contact our Administrator to discuss the possibility of available dates in good time.

How much does a marriage Service in church cost?

There are two parts to the fees payable. Firstly there are the legal fees, nationally agreed by Parliament, which are adjusted annually. There are also local charges for organist, stewards, bell ringers and heating. We will give you details of at the first meeting with the Rector.

What you need to do next....

To make a booking, please telephone the office 01275 463469.

A worship leader will arrange to meet with you to explain the process and preparation and book the Church. You will need to bring legal means of identification and citizenship to this meeting – usually a birth certificate or passport and driving licence are the easiest! 

In the Church of England the usual legal process for being married is by Banns (an announcement in church) which means you do not need to involve the local Registrar.

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