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Churchyard Management of the Parish Church of St Andrew, Backwell

Thank you for reading this information and working in consultation with St. Andrew’s to ensure that the churchyard remains a place of solace and dignity in accordance with ecclesiastical law. By maintaining the appearance of the churchyard and managing the churchyard in keeping with the environment we show our respect and concern for all the graves and memorials. Please be assured of our continuing prayers and we hope that these guidelines will help to ensure that the churchyard remains a special place where you will feel close to God and your loved ones.

Churchyard Management Guidelines
The churchyard is owned by the Church of England, and maintained and financed by St. Andrew’s Church with an occasional financial donation provided by Backwell Parish council. In accordance with ecclesiastical law, the Priest in Charge and the Parochial Church Council (PCC) are responsible for the churchyard and must observe ecclesiastical and relevant civil law.

1.The surface of the churchyard shall be, as far as possible, level, and free of grave mounds or hollows. The PCC may level any mound/hollow at its discretion at any time more than 12 months after the latest interment in the grave. Artificial grass, gravel, or other stone products other than the gravestone are not to be used.

2.Floral displays are an essential part of the grieving and remembrance experience and St Andrew’s PCC allows the planting of bulbs and bedding plants, but this must be confined to the grave plot. Wreaths and unwrapped cut flowers may be laid directly on any grave or tablet. Flowers displayed in vases or removable containers must be confined to the base plate of the headstone or ashes tablet to preserve the surrounding grass and to facilitate grounds’ maintenance. Shrubs and trees are not allowed as they tend to outgrow their space and in time can undermine the integrity of graves. Where these already exist, we will need to perform timely pruning, trimming, or even removal.

3. In support of the environment and wildlife any items left at the grave or on a tablet should be natural and biodegradable.

4. The PCC reserves the right to remove items including withered flowers.

5. Wherever possible please take home any waste including non-recyclables such as wrappings or unused containers. Where this is impossible, please use the black bins for non-recyclables and the green bins for vegetation waste. Bins are located beside the top wooden wicket gate and in the middle section adjacent to the 5bar gate access to Court Close.

6.The management of these Guidelines will be delegated by the PCC to a ground steward or stewards tasked with maintenance of the churchyard.

If you have any ideas or views, please respond by email before 31st May2021 to


Thank you.

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