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The two parishes are within a couple of miles of one another. The village of Backwell is somewhat different from the hamlets of Chelvey and Brockley.


Backwell is a busy village straddling the main A370 between Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare, with a wide range of facilities. As well as a doctor’s surgery, a dentist, large playing fields, pubs, shops, cafe and garages, it has Parish and WI Halls, a leisure centre and a theatre.

Backwell schools cover the complete range from nursery/pre-school through primary (at West Leigh Infants, and Backwell C of E Junior School) to “outstanding” Secondary provision at Backwell School, which includes a very successful sixth form. There is also a small private Primary School - Fairfield School - in the village.


By contrast, Chelvey sits on the moors amongst excellent pasture land with many architecturally interesting properties, mainly ancient. The houses that make up Chelvey Batch are located on the other side of the A370


Like Backwell, Brockley straddles the A370, although it is largely set in peaceful countryside, the church being approached through fields. Again, Brockley has a range of architecturally interesting properties and a locally famous Combe with many walks.


The area is suburban, although parts of all three villages are in quiet countryside.

With a combined population of around 6500 residents many commute to Bristol and beyond for employment. Backwell is serviced with excellent transport links including a mainline railway station, good bus services to Bristol and Weston Super Mare and other routes linking local villages, plus well developed cycle routes with links to Bristol and surrounding areas. Bristol International Airport is a short distance away. ( or easily accessible from Backwell.)


Despite minimal population growth over many decades, the Benefice could change in the years ahead due to North Somerset being expected to find suitable sites for large scale housing developments with over 700 new houses expected for Backwell in the current draft plan. The Parish Council together with the local communities are keen to see sustainable developments, particularly affordable housing, while maintaining the character of the villages?

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