Thanksgiving for the birth of a child


The Birth of a Child is a moment of great joy in the life of a family for which many wish to give thanks to God.

What is a Thanksgiving?

The Service of Thanksgiving can be used very shortly after birth or at a later time when more family can gather. It might feel more comfortable for families who would prefer to delay baptism until the child can decide for themselves. It a service that offers thanks to God and delights in a new child, there are no godparents but family and friends offer their support and encouragement, prayers and love for the child as together they grow and journey through life. Thanksgivings can often be followed by a Baptism at a later date.

When do Thanksgivings happen?

In St Andrew’s, Services of Thanksgiving, like a Baptism, usually take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Family Service. However they can also be arranged as part of the Service of Holy Communion (the Eucharist) or occasionally after the main service.

In St Bridget’s. Thanksgivings are arranged on an individual basis.