Welcome to the website of the Benefice of Backwell with Chelvey and Brockley.

You can find out more about what makes up the Benefice here.

It is important to distinguish between the Church (with a capital 'C'), the group of people who make up the Body of Christ in a particular place - and the church (small 'c')  the building where they meet.

The church buildings in he Benefice are ancient and beautiful, standing as a symbol of God’s steadfast presence in the midst of our everyday lives. But the buidings also encompass a living, vibrant community of people seeking to live out their faith in all that they do and to be 'the Church' in this part of the world.

Across the Benefice there are many activities for all ages: but the living, beating heart of our family is to be found in the worship. Whatever you are seeking - be it a moment of stillness in a centuries-old building, traditional anglican liturgy or contemporary worship, a lively children’s Holiday Club, the pastoral services we offer at all moments of life, or the support we share in times of joy and sorrow – we hope that this site will lead you to the answers you need.

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We offer our prayers and God’s Blessing

The Benefice Ministry Team