Churchyard and Monuments Policies

The following details are intended to help you in making your decision about a lasting memorial to your loved ones in the churchyards of the churches within the Benefice.

The Benefice is required to comply with Diocesan rules for churchyards and monuments, set by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells (Mr Timothy Brigden). Where necessary, the Church Council of any church can extend the Diocesan rules to suit local circumstances. 

The following is a summary of the Diocesan rules, as extended, that are applicable to churchyards and monuments within the Benefice:

  • The size of a headstone or tablet is regulated by the Diocesan rules and your stonemason can tell you what is permitted. The Benefice office also has the details if you prefer to contact us first.
  • Monuments may be of natural wood or natural stone. Stone traditionally used in local buildings or closely similar to them in colour and texture is appropriate, and must be simple in shape.
  • The stone cannot be polished or reflective. Black or pearl granite, marble, synthetic stone and plastic are not permitted.
  • The only colours permitted for lettering are black, white, silver or gold.
  • A monument must not include any raised kerb, railings, stone or other chippings, picture or photograph, built-in vase container, statuary or bird bath. Etchings are no longer allowed except for a small cross or flower less than 3” diameter. The etching cannot have any colour.
  • Responsibility for the safe installation of any memorial rests with the monumental mason. The person who purchased the memorial and, after that person’s death, the heirs of the deceased have an ongoing liability for its maintenance in a safe condition. If we see that it is becoming unsafe we will try to contact relatives.
  • You are welcome to put fresh flowers or small plants on the grave, however trees or large growing shrubs cannot be planted. We do not allow plastic/ silk flowers (or synthetic grass) except in Christmas or Remembrance wreaths, which will be removed once they begin to look faded.

If you require and clarification of the above or any further information please use the contact us form.