Small Groups

A New initiative for St Andrew's - SMALL GROUPS 

There will be the following groups

  1. Sunday after church in the Rodney Chapel every 3 weeks – also idea of walking together and sharing lunch together in fine weather co-ordinated by TINA SOPER
  2. Zoom group on Thursday 9-10.45am every 2 weeks beginning on 24/2/22 co-ordinated by REV KATY
  3. 2 x Thursday Evening 7-9pm or a different timing to suit.

One group co-ordinated by HELEN and IAN WILLS

Second group needs a co-ordinator

  1. Tuesday afternoon 2-3.30pm at The Meeting Point in the Parish Hall 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. co-ordinated by MARTIN and JANE CANNING


There will be a Maximum group size of 10

Each Group collectively to determine frequency of meeting, e.g. weekly, biweekly, every three weeks etc.

Primary focus particularly at the beginning is:

  • to get to know one another better so that we as a church can become one body
  • to learn where we are in our faith journeys and discuss what might help each one of us develop further
  • to support each other through prayer

No leaders per se, but someone in the group to co-ordinate sending emails etc


The groups can begin when the co-ordinators decide, however I would like the focus for Lent to be the Living in Love and Faith course. Groups and timings for LLF are not the same (see weekly sheet), so each group may decide that this will be the focus for the 5 weeks from the week beginning Monday 7thMarch, with the small group then taking a break.


I am really praying that these groups will help us build one another up, know where support is needed and for us all to travel this earthly journey with others in Christ.

Please let the office know if you would like your name added to a group: Could you put in the subject – Small Group and email:

1 Peter 3.8

Finally all of you should be of one mind. Sympathise with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tender hearted and keep a humble attitude.

Rev Katy