Andy's Roles

Each Andy's Service relies on volunteers who untertake tasks both 'behind the scenes' and 'on the day' to facilitate our worship. Their help is invaluable.

To assist in our rota planning the Leadership Team has grouped tasks under various 'roles' as summarised in the table below.

If you feel that you could be called to fulfil one of these roles at an Andy's Sunday Service, or contribute in any way, do speak to someone at Andy's or let us know via the Andy's Contact form.

Summary of Andy’s Sunday Service Roles

Sunday Service Leader

Prepares the Sunday service (based on Exploring Together material) and leads it.

Sunday Warden

Ensures the smooth and timely running of the Sunday Service (except for the matters for which the Service Leader is responsible). The ‘go to’ person for practical resolution of problems in advance and on the day of the Sunday Service.

Music Group Leader

Advises the Service Leader on selection of music/worship songs; arranges any pre-service rehearsal as required; and, leads the Music Group at the service.

Setting & Clearing Up

Ensures that the rooms to be used are set up and arranged in the format required by the Service Leader, and that everything is cleared away after the service.


Produces PowerPoint slides (in consultation with the Service Leader and Music Group Leader); ensures all technical equipment is ready and operational by 10.00am on the day of the service; and, operates technical equipment during the service.

Activity Leads (Listen, Chat, Quiet, Busy, Colour, Word)

Ensures that the activity, and also the room (if applicable), is prepared as requested by the Service Leader and that all other necessary resources are ready in place; ensures that assistants are appointed as appropriate/ necessary; and, leads the activity in a very ‘light touch’ way.

Welcomer – Car Park

Greets people at the gate and direct to the car park and entrance door – from 9.45 to 10.20am.

Welcomer – Door

Ensures that the Andy’s notice board, collection bowl, email sign-up sheet, and copies of notice sheets are all tidily in place; greets people at the main entrance door and bids farewell at the end of the service.

Refreshment Manager

Ensures that supplies of tea/coffee/food etc are available; ensures that assistant(s) is/are available to assist; opens up the kitchen ready for 10.00am and serves refreshments throughout the service; and, ensures that the kitchen is cleared away after the service.


Is available for prayer with individuals throughout and after the service.

Andy's Roles
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