The Benefice

Most Churches find it useful to distinguish between the Church (with a capital C) - the group of people who make up the Body of Christ in a particular place, and the church (small c) - the building where they meet. Most of this website is concerned with the the life of the Church - the people - but these few pages explain something of our organisation and our buildings.

The Benefice of Backwell with Chelvey and Brockley is a partnership of the two parishes of Backwell, and of Chelvey and Brockley. Backwell, Chelvey, and Brockley are a group of villages on or close to the A370 main road between Bristol and Weston-super-mare. 

A Benefice is a group of parishes that share a minister. Our partnership covers more than just the sharing of our Rector. You will find elsewhere on this site details of events in both our parishes, and these are open to all.

The parish of Backwell holds its services and other events in St Andrew's church. The parish of Chelvey and Brockley holds its services in St Bridget's church in Chelvey. The church of St Nicholas, Brockley is officially closed for regular worship and is administered by the Churches Conservation Trust.

The benefice has a broader partnership with other nearby Church of England parishes in the Coombes Local Ministry Group. We also work with other local Christians in Churches Together in Backwell.

We are part of the Deanery of Portishead, which itself is part of the Diocese of Bath and Wells of the Church of England.

Now you know how we fit into the formal structures of the church, but all this ultimately exists to help the Church - the people - as they act as the Body of Christ in our part of the world.

Coombes LMG
Our Local Ministry Group - a partnership with neighbouring Anglican churches

Other churches in Backwell
Other local churches from different denominations