Harvest Celebrations 2017 commitments

Treading lightly on the earth

During the joint St Andrews / Andy’s Harvest service on 10th September at Moorside Farm we were thinking of how we can tread more lightly on the earth and care for God’s creation better.

We each were given a 'wheat tare' - a paper model wheat tare actually! We were all invited to write on our tare a promise or commitment.

You can just about see the tares in the picture on the left after the tares had been collected and offered up as part of the service.

The following is a list of the promises and commitments families and individuals made:

  1. Walk and cycle more.  Use transport less
  2. Turn off lights and use candles more.  Walk not drive to church.
  3. Walk more, car less.  Grown own veg.  Make more compost
  4. Use less plastic (its destroying the oceans) - Walk to work
  5. Draw curtains at dark.  Give B.O.G.O.F.s away so they are not wasted e.g. to Loaves and Fishes project
  6. Switch off light when not in use, car share as much as possible, don’t cut down trees
  7. Don’t cut down too many trees. Switch off the light if you are not using it. Don’t litter in the environment
  8. Save water – wash up once a day!  Recycle clothes to charity shops
  9. Get a hybrid or electric car
  10. Walk not drive. Use up all your food - no waste. Turn off lights so polar bears don’t sink. Recycle and reuse.
  11. Less food waste and don’t drop litter
  12. Have one car. Get another water butt.  Less over-ordering fresh food.
  13. Reduce the amount of packaging we buy
  14. Travel in groups, walk more, use less electricity
  15. Turn off some more electrics
  16. Use Less electricity – solar panels
  17. Get a Tesla model
  18. Stop chopping down trees (deforestation) Don’t kill animals - become vegetarian.  Don’t pollute if you can help it.
  19. Share bath, turn off lights, turn off taps, don’t waste food, check fridge, don’t ask for too much food
  20. Install photovoltaic cells
  21. Our next car will be an electric car
  22. Be more economical with electricity, gas, water.  2. Make do and mend.   3. Recycle all waste reducing pollution
  23. Buy less food and grow more food. Buy local food. Make do and mend
  24. Buy more local food. More walking/cycling/public transport
  25. Convert our car to electric. Stop poaching of wild animals
  26. Buy no black plastic