Iknow Information & Guidance

Information and Guidance for iKnow Users

The following information is intended to assist anyone who has received an automated sign-up invitation from the St Andrew's iKnow system.

The following links provide general information about the iKnow system (links open in a new window):

short video guide on how to enter your details is available and we suggest that you view this before logging in for the first time (opens in a new window).

To log in to your dashboard and profile:

  • Copy the link from the automated email that you have received from iKnow and paste it into your browser's address bar. (Or, if the link in the email is a clickable hyperlink, simply click on the hyperlink).
  • You will be taken to a 'password reset' page where you can create a password. Your password must contain certain specific character types to make the 'strength bar' turn green - click the 'more info' link for details of required character types. Ensure that the password is memorable to you.
  • Proceed to the Login page. Upon reaching the login page we suggest that you consider bookmarking the page as this will make it easier to access next time.
  • Enter your username (i.e. your email address) and the password that you created. You will need to accept the iKnow legal user agreement. After logging in you will be taken to your personal dashboard.
  • To access your profile page, click on 'Me' in the menu bar towards the top of the page. Enter details and upload a photo as you wish, then click on the green 'save' button.
  • You can rest your password at any time to something more memorable via the button in the right hand pane of your profile page. The new password must contain certain specific character types to make the 'strength bar' turn green - click the 'more info' link within the password reset pop up window for details of required character types.
  • You can return to your dashboard at any time by clicking on the black circular button at the left hand end of the menu bar.
  • Other useful menu buttons - 'Prayer & Praise' allows you to view and enter prayer requests or praise thanksgivings (note that these are then viewable by all registered iKnow users). 'Dash settings' allows you to configure your personal dashboard, rearranging or moving widgets to suit your requirements.
  • IMPORTANT - When you have finished using iKnow, please ensure that you logout via the link in the drop down menu in the top right corner next to the help button. 

 Points to note specific to St Andrew's roll out of the iKnow system:

  • We are aware that automatic messages from the iKnow sytem are often filtered into spam or junk email mailboxes. Please keep an eye out for any sign-up invitation that may have found its way to other than your inbox!
  • For the time being at least, we will not be using the child check-in module of iKnow that is mentioned in the video guide. However, we do invite you to enter details of any children aged 16 or under into your profile at this stage as we may start using this at some later date.
  • For those who undertake specific roles or tasks within the church on a rota basis, we will over time start using the iKnow 'Team' and 'Rota' modules to manage rotas. The exception is for Andy's where we want to immediately start setting up rotas in iKnow. Details on Teams and Rotas will be provided to those involved via separate emails after your profile details have been entered. 
  • For those potentially involved in rotas, your profile page allows entry of details of any holiday which would make you unavailable to serve. iKnow makes reference only to unavailability due to 'holiday' - but unavailability for any other reason can also be entered here using another suitable descriptor or simply the word 'unavailable'. Those involved in Andy's rotas are particularly asked to enter as accurately as possible any Sundays/other periods when they know they will be unavailble.

Thank you for helping to facilitate efficient administration and communication through your participation in our iKnow system.